Joshua Time
Bedroom Floors
At Joshua Time, we offer two types of bedrooms. There is the standard room or the family room.
Our family rooms are very special. They allow for a family of four to sleep comfortably in one
Basement Entertainment Floor
Once you have come down the grand sweeping staircase you will arrive at what can only be described as a child’s dream!
There are numerous activities for children of all ages:
-  Bumper cars
-  A
Sub-basement Swimming Pool Floor
Go one floor further down and you arrive at possibly the most amazing swimming pool, you will have ever seen.
On either side are two swimming pools in the shape of a “J” and a “T”, which stand for
Ground Floor
The ground floor plan shows the welcoming environment when you first enter the hotel.
You arrive under a covered driveway and enter into the grand entrance hall. You are then faced with a large
“Joshua Time is a brand new hotel in central London offering a whole range of activities for all the family. The advantage of Joshua Time is that all the activities are indoor so that there is fun for all, come rain or shine.”